Digital Signage LCD

Increases customer acquisition and retention by raising product awareness.

Visually connects with your customers through eye-catching, dynamic messaging.

Delivers targeted messages to multiple branches to improve time-to-market for promotional campaigns.

Types of Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a technology used to broadcast advertisements, information, messages and other types of content on digital displays - LCD screens that can be installed in various places such as shops, restaurants, receptions, hotels, administrative buildings and other public places.
To use digital signage it is necessary to have appropriate software and hardware to allow you to manage and update the content of the displays.

Digital signage is used by many companies to increase brand visibility, inform customers, promote products and special offers, and provide useful information about products and services.

Digital signage can be controlled remotely, making it convenient and effective for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Benefits of digital signage

With the help of digital signage, businesses communicate more effectively and directly with their customers by presenting dynamic and up-to-date information in an attractive way.

Digital signage allows you to easily update your content without printing costs.

Interactive elements of digital signage are indispensable in directing visitors, digital presentation of products, services, events. They increase customer engagement and direct them to specific products or services.

Digital Signage software

Digital signage software IDS CMS offers a number of functionalities such as remote management of the content of multiple displays, the ability to create broadcast schedules in different time intervals, device management - geolocation, screenshot and status, etc. Read more


Digital Signage in retail

Digital signage is widely used in retail shops. Digital signage is now an absolute "must have" for marketers looking to create an impressive customer experience.

Digital advertising displays located in key areas on site create an indispensable advertising channel for your best offers and products. Video and other advertising content create momentum and attract customers' attention.

Interactive kiosks

Interactive touch screen kiosks and totems are an attractive solution for providing information about products and services to customers without the presence of an employee. Interactive reception, digital navigator in the site, electronic catalog for products and services, digital menu and much more. Read more..

Digital Signage Networks

Different numbers of screen, in different locations, can easiely be organized in a network of screen, operated centrally. The content is created and distributed over an internet or LAN connection.  

Digital Totems

The digital signage totems are free standing with LCD screens 43" -55",streaming audio-visual content.

The Digital signage totems come with OS Android and content management software over internet.

The software platform allows you to manage your digital signage displays and content from anywhere in the world. 

Media players

With ou Android  media player you can turn every TV into an digital signage screen, controled remotely with our CMS platform.


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