Increases customer acquisition and retention by raising product awareness

Visually connects with your customers through eye-catching, dynamic messaging

Delivers targeted messages to multiple branches to improve time-to-market for promotional campaigns


Restaurants, bars


Casino and hotel



Types of Digital Signage

Digital Signage Networks

Different numbers of screen, in different locations, can easiely be organized in a network of screen, operated centrally. The content is created and distributed over an internet or LAN connection.  

Stand alone displays

Digital Signage Displays can operate as Stand alone displays. The content is loaded locally with a CF card, SD card or USB drive.

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Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage Desktop Display

Digital Signage Desktop Display

Digiatl Signage totem with 42Ultrawide LCD екран

Digiatl Signage totem with 42"Ultrawide LCD екран

Displays with integrated transparent LCD

Displays with integrated transparent LCD

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